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  residence comacina  


1 - Booking and payments

In order to finalize the booking, an advance payment amounting to 50% of the total apartment rate is requested to be paid at the time of confirmation.

The balance – along with the fee for final cleaning and with the city taxes - will be settled one month before the check in date, when the terms for the cancellation free of charge expire.

All the payments will be made by bank transfer (bank details will be notified by e-mail) specifying the bank transfer description as follows: “name and surname of the guest, and agreed rental period”.

2 - Lease duration

The minimum stay is one week, from Saturday to Saturday, unless otherwise agreed at the time of the booking.

Any modification of the timing of arrival and departure must be agreed in advance with the owner, and it is subject to the acceptance of the latter.

In case of early departure or late arrival, no sum will be returned.

3 - Cancellations, changes

In case of a written cancellation received at least 30 days prior arrival, the customer will be entitled to the refund of the deposit.

In case of any cancellation or changes after that date, the customer will not be entitled to a refund of the deposit paid at the time of the booking.

In case of no-show, no sum will be returned.

After 24 hours of no-show, and in absence of any communication from the guests, the lease will be definitively resolved.

The guest who cannot come personally to the property may be replaced by another one, provided that a prior communication is sent to the property by email.

4- Delivery of the apartment - CHECK IN

The handover is scheduled from 16:00 to 19:00 on the date of arrival - Saturday in case of weekly stay, or any other day for bookings inferior to 7 nights. For any delays upon arrival, the customer must notify the property in advance.

The apartments are delivered clean and in perfect order.

Upon arrival, the customer is required to present a valid identity document for all the people included in the booking, in order to allow registration with the competent Italian authorities.

Upon delivery of the keys, the customer will have to pay a deposit by cash (euro 200,00).

The customer will be accompanied to the apartment and will be shown the equipment of the apartment along with that of the common areas. He will be given the keys and remote controls for the access to the apartment, the common areas and the garage.

5 - Number of guests allowed per apartment

The number of guests can not in any case exceed the number of beds available and the number stated at the time of the booking.

A number of people superior than the one stated causes the termination of the contract and the loss of the amount already paid – no refund will be given.

The owner may refuse the entry to the persons in excess.

6 - Sublet

The property cannot in any case be sublet to third parties, under the termination of the contract.

7- Equipment of the apartments

The apartments on rent and the common areas of the accommodation are provided with equipment and accessories adequate for the number of people who can host, and necessary for the execution of the stay.

At the time of the delivery of the apartment, the customer is required to check all the equipment listed in the inventory and report any malfunctions or deficiencies within 24 hours after delivery.

Any complaint, when received only at the end of stay, will not be managed. Any faults or deficiencies in the equipment will be charged to the customer.

Bed linen and towels are provided upon arrival.

The apartment offers free equipment for babies and young children (folding beds, high chairs), to be required when booking.

8 - Water, electricity, gas, wireless service

The consumption of water, electricity and gas (for hot water and heating) are included in the reservation amount; wireless service is free, and covers all the interiors of the apartment.

9 - Common areas

The residence is equipped with the following common areas, available for the guests:

) Swimming pool with solarium and shower

) Laundry with washing machines and dryer

) Deposit area for surf boards and bicycles

) Swimming pool with solarium and shower

The pool is 1.40 meters high and – in accordance with the law - it is not guarded; it is each guest’s responsibility to correctly access and use it.

Only the guests of the Residence are allowed to access and use the pool; they must behave and dress properly, according to the common standards of hygiene and decorum. The swimming pool area is equipped with a shower with solar hot water: the guests are invited to take a shower before entering the pool.

Dives, loud noises and water games are prohibited in the swimming pool; inadequate objects cannot be thrown into the water; bulky inflatable objects cannot be used, and it is not allowed disturb the other guests.

It is not allowed to bring and eat meals in the pool area nor bring drinks in metal or glass containers.

It is forbidden to occupy the sunbeds with towels when the guest is not present for a long period.

Unaccompanied children under 12 years old are not allowed to enter the swimming pool area.

The swimming pool is open at the following times:

9:00 to 20:00 (seasonal opening)

) Laundry room

The laundry room may be accessed by the guests from 8.00 to 19.00

10 - Cleaning and maintenance

All apartments are delivered clean and working.

Customers are responsible for their integrity; they will be required to keep the house in good conditions by using the recycling bins located inside the laundry room.

The kitchen has to be returned in order, with dishes and other kitchenware placed back clean in the cupboards or in the dishwasher for the cleaning cycle. The fridge will have to be left empty without food or bottles inside.

The owners, or their representative, shall have free access to the common areas of the building to perform the necessary maintenance (garden, swimming pool, etc. ..).

11 - Conduction of the property, liability and complaints

The customer must immediately notify the owner in case of breakage/damage noticed at the time of apartment delivery, and / or caused during your stay.

The customer must maintain in good condition the apartment, the furniture and all the equipment contained therein.

It is absolutely forbidden to move the furniture.

All the accessories in the apartment (dishes, cutlery, household items) used during the stay must be placed again in their original position.

The property is absolved from any liability arising from accidents of any kind that have occurred in and within the immediate proximity or otherwise related to the use of the property and its appurtenances, and therefore the customer, including all the guests, can not claim any compensation for damage.

The Customer is invited to bring his health card in order to obtain, if necessary, the health services provided for citizens of the European Union.

The guests, in particular, are required to:

  • not leave taps running;
  • not soil walls and mattresses;
  • not put anything in the water that may block the drain pipes to avoid clogging and damage;
  • not leave lights and appliances switched on;
  • not walk on the grass and plant species, damage outdoor furniture;
  • not throw litter of any kind (cigarette butts, chewing gum, cards, etc.) and leave furniture and miscellaneous equipment in storage.

Smoking is prohibited in the apartments and in the common areas.

Customers may be sent away if they do not respect the most elementary rules of civil education during their stay.

The immediate removal will result in the loss of the deposit for the customer, without prejudice to further claims for damages.

It is absolutely forbidden to lay out cloths and towels on the main front of the building facing the road. Please use the private drying racks (to be placed on the back of the apartment) or the drying racks in the laundry.

12 - Good Neighbor

The Customer accepts to rent the accommodation respecting the rules of good neighborliness.

It's forbidden to shout, listen to loud music, make loud noises that may disturb other guests of the building and the neighbors with regard to the following schedule:

14:00 to 16:30     23:00 to 8:00

Parties and any events are strictly forbidden.

13 - Damage caused to the accomodation

In the event of any damage to objects, furniture, things related to the accomodation or any part of it caused by the customers, they will be computed and charged at the time of departure. In case the damages are considered minor or equal to the deposit, they will be deducted from the latter; if they are valued more, the difference will be paid in cash.

14 - Return of the keys - CHECK OUT

The apartment must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure; on this occasion, the security deposit will be returned, after checking the inventory of the accommodation and facilities and the condition of the premises.

15 - Jurisdiction

For any claim or dispute, the only competent judicial authority is the one in Como.

16 - Acceptance

The reservation of the property leads to the acceptance of these rules that will have to be followed under any circumstances.

The person who sign this document is personally liable for its respect, also on behalf of the other accompanying guests.


(signature for acceptance)